1. Private construction Industry

Opportunities, Organizations, Functions, Roles and more

Climb each step to feel it and share lessons learnt. Utilize mid-landing for strengthening core competence for bigger leap.

1.1 Professionals in Construction Industry-Career Mapping

22 Organizations, 3 Levels, 55 Opportunities

1.2 About 22 Organizations: Part 1

9 Ownership Based

Function, Structure

1.3 About 22 Organizations: Part 2

11 Services based & 2 Specialized fields

Fees, Structure, Duration

1.4 Functions-Roles-Expectations-Head Office

40 Functions

24 Functions at Head Office

1.5 Functions-Roles-Expectations-Project

40 Functions

16 Functions at Project

1.6 Mentoring: What is it? Why? How? For Whom?

Believe in Self and Trust someone with wisdom

More is yet to come

Organization’s key areas & requirements

Understanding working culture with developer at local, national & International level