2. Real Estate Processes and Systems

What You Will Learn

Nuances of processes and systems

  • Activities from land till financial closure
  • Lead role, team, process and decisions in projects
  • Importance of time, cost, quality, processes & systems
  • Project development strategy
  • And more

2.1 Flow chart for Project Life Cycle

  • 31 Activities, 4 Stages
  • Before Investment (4 Activities)
  • Design and processes & systems (14 Activities)
  • Execution (7 Activities)
  • Project completion (6 Activities)

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2.2 Detailed project life cycle

Highlighting the lead professional, other team members, processes, decisions and/or outcome from each activity.

  • Importance of project feasibility report
  • Numbers of consultants (>20) on board for challenging projects
  • Requirement of strong internal team with defined communication channel.
  • Monitoring and controlling by senior management team and timely decisions for addressing defined timelines and budget.
  • Completion of project and importance for property management.

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