Analysis And Research for Real Asset Professionals

Explore career mapping and enhance knowledge & skills in Construction Industry

What is AARRAP?

Data articulated to benefit all professionals who want to explore the Construction Industry at 3 levels (Local, National & International) along with processes & systems. This data is also useful to entrepreneurs, landlords, consultants, engineering students & lecturers, recruitment agencies, human resource department, housing societies, auditors and investment team.

It is created by Ex Executive Director of JP Morgan, now inclined towards contributing gained knowledge and experience and hoping that the information/data will be helpful to improve transparency in the Construction Industry.

Article: Just completed

1.6 Mentoring: What is it? Why? How? For Whom?

Believe in Self and Trust someone with Wisdom

Looking for Direction?

Research And Analysis helps evaluating Self.

We provide some know-how (articles & videos), may be helpful for broadening your horizons.

Private construction Industry

Opportunities, Organizations, Functions, Roles, Key areas & requirements, Working culture at 3 levels and more

Stairway of Professional journey

Climb each step to feel it and share lessons learnt. Utilize mid-landing for strengthening core competence for bigger leap

Real Estate Processes & Systems

Project life cycle (31 activities), project development strategy, Importance of time, cost, quality, communications and more

Strategies own moves

Upgrading self with enhanced knowledge and new skills for professional approach


Fast track approach with precisely defined objectives

Sharing thoughts on articles with the help of slides through analysis, tables & charts.

Case studies

Beneficial for improving one’s performance by addressing few parameters

Templates for creating effective project reports


Hard earned perspectives, directly form respectable experienced professionals.

Stay tuned

As of October 2021, 13 Articles are uploaded for Reading with 5 Videos on the Private construction industry as well as Real estate processes & systems and Case studies. It is planned that at regular interval articles will be uploaded. Whereas Interviews with professionals will follow shortly.